I call Sharon Costianes “the Voice Whisperer.” She so gently and adeptly brings out the best in each of her student’s singing abilities.
— Alice Churchill, parent

Happy Students


I cannot imagine a better vocal teacher. Sharon has skill with both the singing technique and the human element that is so important in vocal instruction.

— Stan Stewart

Without these lessons I would not be the performer I am today.

— christian Henry

Being in the studio helped me so much with my self-confidence. Monthly rep class helped me learn to sing in front of people.

— Laura Fegely

I want other kids to have the opportunity we’ve had to learn vocal training in such a good environment.

— Keara Byron

What you are offering is priceless.  She walks taller, smiles broader and sings with a confidence that is being built with such care and love.  Thank you for that.
— Amanda Verba, parent