Learn healthy and embodied artistic expression here at Flight. Focus on body awareness and ease in singing that leads to powerful and effortless sound production. With a foundation in classical techniques, we teach a variety of styles from musical theater to classical to pop, rock, and jazz. 

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Core Voice Studio 19-20 Registration is now OPEN!

Join our Core Studio family!

See our 2019-20 policy packet and rates here. $100 deposit required.

See below for more information.


Core Voice Studios

Ages 11 - 19

A monthly tuition grants access to:

38 one-on-one lessons + 10 group Rep Classes (held monthly) + 3 recitals + additional performance opportunities + community building activities and family events


10 tuition payments, Sept through June: $263/ 45 min $301/ 60 min

Scholarship available. Contact sharon@flightvoicestudio.com

Voice Lessons - a la Carte

Ages 11 - 111

One on One instruction with our Voice Faculty focused on developing healthy, sustainable singing techniques in a variety of styles. 

Regular, weekly lessons are strongly encouraged. Open to ages 11 - 111


$60 / 45 min; $70 - 60 min

Singing Jazz Style Coaching

Ages 11 - 111

Gain insight into authentic jazz style. Catered to each student's individual needs, these private lessons with resident jazz expert, Ginny Maddock, can cover anything from vocal improvisation and jazz theory to creating a healthy and stylistically authentic sound.


$60 / 45 min; $70 - 60 min


Vocal Foundations Class

A class for those who would like to learn healthy singing techniques that focus on the body as a holistic instrument. Open to ages 11 - 111, this class is an excellent way to support your singing whenever, wherever, and however you burst into song!

Time tested classical singing techniques viewed through the lens of the Feldenkrais Method and other wellness practices lend a unique and playful approach to singing. You will learn ways to support your voice long term, and apply specific exercises to ensemble songs as well as a solo song of your choice.



(Scholarship available. Contact sharon@flightvoicestudio.com)