The Truth of What We Do

Phew! What a whirlwind it has been this Fall. Our students here at Flight performed at Porch Fest in September.

Several alumni came to join current students singing on the Apple Harvest Festival main stage in October.

Dance classes are in full swing, and are regularly blowing us away with how much progress each and every student is making each week.

Acting Classes begin this weekend with Sage, and I can’t wait to see what comes out of those! Our voice studios are already planning for our first recital in December.

We have some amazing Master Classes coming up for ADULTS (yes! Adults!) with some incredible people (Meaghan Boeing Oct 27th, and Kim Nazarian Nov 3) I am so honored to have teaching here. The energy and excitement in the building is growing each day!

But beyond the successes and performances lies the real heart of why we do what we do. The thing that the public doesn’t necessarily see.


This basic human need that we are hard-wired for.

A place to belong. A place to be seen, and learn to accept our strength and talents and beauty, as well as our faults. To learn to love all these parts of ourselves so that we can use them in performance. Because when we do, when we allow ourselves to be seen, some wounded soul out there in the audience is going to recognize something of themselves and know that they are seen too. That they too belong to this human race. In all their imperfection and in all their glory.


You see, it takes courage to be seen. And that courage isn’t something we can build alone. We need mentors and community and other people who are willing to take risks with us. To sit with us when we fall because they have fallen too, and know what that’s like. And to recognize our light and coax it out for all to see. And remind us that it’s not too much, too bright, too big. But needed. Necessary. So that others with a similar light can recognize us. And we can find belonging together.

It’s a vulnerable thing. To look for, to ask for, and yes, to seek to provide. I’m a bit nervous writing about it.

In this day and age where results are measured and monetized, and on the surface seem to really be the thing that matters; I’m a bit scared to say that what really matters to me as an educator is this other thing. Yes, of course I want our students to be successful. I am over-the-moon proud of them when they go to the schools of their dreams to study the performing arts they love! But what I am excited about each and every morning is creating a place where everyone who walks in the door feels they belong. They are welcomed. They are wanted. They are loved.

This is the truth of what we foster at Flight. And I hope you can join us sometime.

We have so many exciting classes coming up in the next couple of months. Please take a moment to see what speaks to you. We have sliding scale rates, and scholarships available so that everyone who wants to be here with us at Flight can make it work.

Sing. Act. Dance. Belong.

Sharon Costianes