Frequently Asked Questions


Try as we might, we don't always think of everything. Do you have a question about how things work around here? Check out this list and see if it's here.

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How many students are there in the Core studio Group?

Depending on the year, the number of students in the studio groups changes. There are typically 8-12 students in each studio at a time.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! Talent and musical potential know no socio-economic bounds. The unfortunate reality is that the arts are seriously underfunded. It is up to us as a community to support Performing Arts Education. To that end, we actively raise scholarship funds every year to help support a student in need.  To apply for scholarship, or donate to our fund, please contact Sharon, our Director.  

What do I prepare for the first lesson?

In your first lesson, we'll spend some more time chatting than normal as we get to know each other. Students are asked to bring any questions they may have as well as a song of their choice to work on.

What is expected of Students?

You are expected to arrive at each voice lesson prepared. This means you have:
• warmed up
• practiced (Yes! Practice every day!)
• materials in hand (sheet music, lesson sheets etc)
This allows us to make progress each week, building the necessary skills to grow as
musicians, and allowing the physical instrument to develop muscle memory and adapt to new skills.

Families - please help support your student in their practicing efforts, and in arriving
prepared for each lesson.

Do i have to sing opera?

You will be asked to sing a wide variety of music, from Art Song to Musical Theater, from Italian arias to jazz. We work with students to choose repertoire that is appropriate for both your interests and vocal ability. Whatever you sing, you’ll learn healthy techniques based on classical singing practices. 

What if there's a Snow Day? 

We follow Ithaca School District's lead. If the school district has closed, so will we. There may be an opportunity to have your lesson anyway, but that is ultimately up to each Faculty member to decide. When in doubt, contact us. 

Which Private teacher will I work with? 

After your first lesson with Flight, one of our faculty members will complete a Student Assessment (don't worry, we're not scary). Based on skill level and vocal maturity we will pair you with the appropriate faculty member. 

What is rep class?

Rep Class or (Repertory Class) is a fun filled 90 min group lesson available to you if you choose to enroll in one of the Flight Core Studios. You will participate in a variety of performance related activities: from Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons, to acting games, to performing and ‘working’ a piece in front of your peers. Observers gain a lot from watching what their peers are doing and by offering supportive, constructive feedback. All of this takes place in a low-stress, playful environment. It’s a great way to get your feet wet with performance, prep for auditions, or try out something new. 

How many recitals are there per year?

When you choose to enroll in the Flight Core Studio, you will have the opportunity to perform two to three times a year.