Registration Instructions

Registration for Flight Performing Arts classes is a two-step process.  First complete the Registration Form below.  We will then contact you with a confirmation email that will contain instructions about how to provide payment for the classes.  See more details below in Step 2.


Also, for all students under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must complete and sign a "Release and waiver of liability" prior to the first class.  Click here to download.

Please complete the following form to register

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Student's Name
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Student's Birthday (if under 18)
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Superior Classes
At Sport Stable in Superior
Broomfield Classes
At Broomfield Academy
Louisville Classes
At Koko Plaze on Front Street

Step 2:  Complete Payment

Now that you've completed Step 1, you will need to submit your payment information in order to secure your registration.  You will receive an email from us inviting you to access your personal client portal.  In the portal you can view your invoices, payment history and make payments via a secure online payment method.  Flight Performing Arts uses Stripe for all online payments.  Your card details are sent to Stripe via a secure SSL connection for payment processing.  We do not store your card information in our servers.

Simply accept the invitation and add your credit card details directly on your home page.  Since we value your privacy, your card details are only visible to you.  Within the first few days of each month, you will receive an invoice detailing your charges before we process your payment. We will then charge your card for any scheduled classes within that month.  Competition fees, costumes, and miscellaneous fees will be handled similarly.  You’ll receive a payment receipt after each transaction, and you can login to your portal to view your full payment history. Thank you and we look forward to having you on board with Flight.

Please click here to email Herman Ariza if you have questions about the payment process.